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The Metric is a youth-led platform that aims to create an inclusive space for atypical stories. We support contributors from around the world to share their unique perspectives and stories that may not be heard outside of their local communities. A central question that serves as a point of departure for the articles we aim to publish is:

How is the local affected by the global?

This can be applied to various spheres: the economic, social, cultural, political - or perhaps the intersection of them all?

We represent a variety of geographic locations, cultural experiences, and intellectual interests — we are united by a passion to provide a better measure of what’s happening around the world.

We welcome various lenses and perspectives from people of all walks of life. We have a team of co-editors who are ready to support our guest content creators along the publishing phase.

If you have a great story to share, drop us a line on Facebook and let’s get writing!

We welcome one time writers as well as repeat contributors

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